School Smart Adjustable Electric Pencil Sharpener Review

school smart adjustable sharpener review

For  teachers like us, it is important to have our own sharpeners. Since some of our students would want to have their pointy sharp pencils for class activities. Most of the time, especially during art class, students would fall in line to get their colored pencils sharpened.

This went on for my 10 years in teaching. And as tough as it looks like, a highly durable sharpener is a requirement for us. No one would want to have a sharpener that could only last for about 200 uses. The search for the best heavy duty electric sharpener is hard since there is no sharpener that can last for the whole school year. But not until I’ve had my hands on one of these School Smart Adjustable Electric Sharpener. Giving me the best experience yet, I am here to share with you a detailed review for this amazing School Smart product.

Extra safe sharpener

The first thing that we should consider for a heavy duty sharpener is if it is safe for the kids to use. Initially, I would like to have a sharpener that has an auto-stop system. This is because the last thing that we would want is to hurt our students. Especially in grade school wherein a lot of kids are really pumped up during class. As the matter of fact, this is also the same case when the sharpeners are being used for home or office use. Even grownups will need to have extra safe sharpeners.

Now I will not have to worry because the Electric Sharpener from School Smart has their own way for safety. They truly understand why a safe sharpener is important for us, which is why they integrated an auto-stop function. This automatically stops the sharpening process whenever the pencil shaving container is opened. Thus preventing my little ones to hurt themselves.

Prevents slips

The next thing to consider is if the product is easy to use. I’ve experienced various cases of slipping and sliding of sharpeners while in use. This is because force cannot be prevented while sharpening, especially if little kids are the one using it. However, for heavy duty classes, a slipping sharpener adds up to the sharpening time of my students.

But with this heavy duty sharpener, this is never a problem. This product prevents slipping or sliding at desks because of its suction feet made out of rubber.

Heavy duty motor and reset device

The third feature to consider is its heavy duty ability. Heavy duty in terms of quality sharpening that can withstand even with multiple and continuous uses. This is because throughout my teaching experience, having an overheated sharpener is very problematic. A clear waste of money, especially if it is branded as ‘heavy duty”.

To solve this problem, the School Smart Adjustable Sharpener only uses a heavy duty motor in manufacturing these. In addition, they added steel blade in a spiral shape for easy sharpening. However, it is advisable to not sharpen pencils with a plastic coating to maintain its sharpening power. Though we still advise using this in high volume classes since it doesn’t get noisy even though they are using heavy duty motors.

Auto stop

The fourth aspect to consider its ability to perfectly sharpen our pencils. There are a lot of cases where the pencils have irregular sharpening because the motors aren’t controllable. Usually, this is the reason for repetitive sharpening that will further destroy pencil integrity.

But upon learning that this Adjustable Electric Sharpener has an auto stop ability, I was quite excited to try it out. As a result, my class was really happy with the perfect pencil tip after sharpening.

3 hole sharpener

And lastly is its function to sharpen various sizes of pencils. Sharpener holes are as important as the other sharpening ability that we should consider because pencil sizes shouldn’t be a hindrance for a great heavy duty sharpener.

Adding flexibility to its already amazing function is its 3 holes, namely the large, medium, and small holes. A good deal for its size of 7-3/4 x 5-1/2 x 3-1/4 inches. Now I will never have to worry of the purchasing different pencil sharpeners of different sizes because School Smart has it all for me.

Wrapping it up

Though various people are wondering why it has a one year warranty only if compared to other heavy duty sharpeners, this doesn’t stop consumers from buying it, and actually liked it.

In the end, I highly recommend this amazing product, most especially for the teachers out there. The School Smart Adjustable Electric Sharpener is worth the price because we’ll have a great sharpening speed in a heavy and large volume of sharpening needs that can be used for a long time.


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