OfficeGoods V-7 Electric and Battery Operated Pencil Sharpener Review

office good v7 review

Whether you’re an artist, architect, or ordinary student, it is obvious how hassle it is to always have to sharpen our pencils. We have to walk our way to the trash bin and manually twist our pencils to bring back its sharpness.

Back when we were kids, from a long time ago, sharpening our pencil is really a hassle. I bet innovators from that time were also bothered, that is why they introduced a bulky sharpener with rotating lever. The kids were really excited to buy that because it gives us a feeling of fulfillment, just like magic. However, we still have to exert manual force. But thanks to the great innovators today, we can have the best out of our pencil with this electric pencil sharpener.

The feeling of having our own electronic pencil sharpener right in front of us is just fulfilling. We’ll never be interrupted by a sudden broken pencil edge because we know that we can easily sharpen it in no time. This is very crucial especially if the drawing or sketching is a part of our career. Yes, no time should be wasted. Surely we need a little boost for our work to be done in an efficient manner. And this electric pencil sharpener can help us with that.

Have a peek of what technology has to offer when it comes to electric pencil sharpeners from the brand OfficeGoods with this informative product review with all of its best features:

Safe for kids

There are parents who are afraid that their kids will get hurt because of accidentally opening the lid in their electric sharpener. Which, actually eliminates its purpose of pencil sharpening since a huge amount of kids are using pencils, and an electric sharpener is the best choice.

However, with the OfficeGoods V-7 Electric Sharpener at hand, we’ll never have to worry for our children to get hurt. They have integrated a safety lock, especially if it is being used by kids. The safety lock automatically stops once the shaving cover is opened or removed. This is practically a convenient buy for parents who only wanted the best for their kids, and this is where the portability of the sharpener comes in.

Handy and compact

As mentioned, great innovators have improved the manual sharpeners, but they resulted in big bulky ones. Due to its protruding rotating lever at the back or side, the electric sharpener becomes heavy and hard to keep at the same time. Some of it requires a great amount of space on the desk or in the bags, which is not practical at all.

On the other hand, V-7 Electric sharpener is handy with its 5” x 3.5” x 2.25” physical dimension, making it portable to bags, shelves, and even a tiny space on your desk. Not just that, but it weights 12oz or 340.194 grams to be exact. Now, we’re getting to the exciting part.

Pencil sharpness according to your preference

Various careers has their own pencil requirement – it highly depends on where it is being used. But it is not always that complicated, since some just wanted to have a very pointy pencil while others want it in a medium sharpness. One instance is for the artists. There are times where they need to do some shading for the shadows, but apparently, a sharp pencil is not a great choice.

OfficeGoods take into consideration these various scenarios. That is why they integrate a modulator for the sharpener. It has the ability to adjust graphite pencil points that gives us the freedom to choose from a blunt, medium, or sharp pointed pencil. And not just pencils, color pencils that is either hexagonal or even triangular in shape fits for this V-7 Electric charger. Now this is what we call innovating. Next up is its surprising power option.

Easy power up in 3 different ways

Electric sharpeners gives us only one way of sharpening it, and usually its battery operated, since innovators consider its efficiency and ease of use. However, they didn’t notice that sometimes, the battery becomes worn out and we have no choice but to buy another one. But what if it is for emergency, and there is no available battery replacement for the sharpener? OfficeGoods really made their electric sharpener easy and reliable as well.

Because the sharpener’s power is not limited to one power source. Nope, not two, but three options to charge these functional sharpies. One is through your home power socket, the other is through 4AA batteries, and the last one is through the USB port of our computer. So whether we use our sharpeners for office works, school activities, or for family purposes at home, a flexible sharpener can be relied on. This truly gives us utmost convenience and ease of use.

Ending the product review

Made from only the environmentally-friendly materials, there is no reason for not buying this functional electric sharpener. On top of that, we should never worry about defected products. They make pride in manufacturing sharpeners, which is why we are assured of a quality tested product at hand. But in rare cases that we need their customer help, the friendly customer service is there to give us a fast response. All in all, it is obvious that OfficeGoods Pencil Sharpener is best when we highly depend a robust and fast sharpener.

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